The Service Charge can vary greatly from client to client because each is a truly a custom service.  There are many options to be considered such as full lengthening, volumizing, dimensional color or special needs applications.  Ranges for Volumizing Only are typically $350 to $1100 and ranges for Lengthening can be $1100 to $2000 and up.  For the most accurate answer, based upon your natural hair and desired result, schedule a consultation. There is a $40 consultation fee which will be deducted from your Service Charge if you book your service at the time of the consultation.
The Service charge is for the preparation of your hair for the service, the hair, application of extensions, cutting and style. Additional products may need to be purchased to maintain your new look.
Hair Extensions are perfect for most people. However, there could be factors, such as unsuitable current hair condition, hair loss, or hair damage that could prevent extensions from being an option. These factors will be discussed during your consultation.
The best quality 100% human hair comes from India. It has the most universal look, feel and integrity. Click here for an article from Great Lengths.
Yes. The hair comes in over 50 different colors and shades. At least 2 different colors are applied for the most beautiful blend. In the rare case that a color cannot be matched the hair can be custom ordered. Fashion colors are also available for the more daring! The hair comes with a natural soft wave but can be pre-permed to any desired texture. Kashmir Hair is the newest addition which is perfect for those that want a wave-free, smooth sleek style.
It is recommended that your hair be 3-4 inches for thickening or volume and 4-5 inches for a full lengthening.
The hair is individually bonded using the latest Ultra Sonic technology. Holly is one of the few in the Mid Atlantic to provide this advanced application technique.
When applied and maintained properly, the application will not damage your hair. The skill level of the stylist is curial for a damage free application. Holly has been certified by the leading hair extension companies in the industry and maintains up do date by attending additional educational courses. It is also important to follow the At Home Care guidelines to ensure a damage free application.
Removal is recommended every 3-5 months. This time depends on how well they are maintained at home, the growth rate of your hair, the current condition of your hair as well as your lifestyle.
The time varies depending on the desired look. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.
As of right now a reusable system is not offered. The removal process of the current extension lines gently breaks down the bonds holding the extensions in place to allow the them to safely slide out of the hair. This prevents them from being reused.
Absolutely! The correct brushes, cleansing and styling products will be recommended. Your hair color can also be maintained but should be done by a recommended professional only.