Strand by Strand Technique

Extensions by Holly are the perfect solution for thin, damaged or short hair. They not only add volume to the hair, but also provide a quick fix when you are looking for a hairstyle makeover. We offer a wide range of extensions in more than 50 customizable, vibrant and natural shades to match your hair color. If properly maintained, you can retain your beautiful extensions for a long period of time and use them whenever you feel like. Professionally applied extensions are a good way to get long hair that look natural and beautiful.

Though there are different methods used to apply Extensions by Holly, the most widely used is the ‘strand by strand‘ technique. In this, a group of hair is combined to form a strand and joined together with the help of a special polymer. The hair is divided into small sections and the strands are applied to the root, in a sequential order. The technique is a bit time consuming but the results are definitely remarkable.

A lot of celebrities prefer using the strand by strand technique to get long lasting extensions that are hard to be distinguished from their natural hair. Using quality extensions made of human hair gives it even more natural look and can be styled just as your own hair using flat irons, blow dryers, curling rods etc.

Extensions by Holly can be applied with the strand by strand technique through weaving, adhesives, heat bonding or metal clamps. Removing your lengthy locks is also easy. You just need to apply a gel, with the right amount of alcohol recommended by your hair stylist, and let it dry the bond between your hair and extensions. After this, the extensions can be smoothly pinched to break and slide out of the hair.

Extensions by Holly, if professionally applied by strand by strand technique, can look fashionable and last for up to 4 months.


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